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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Silicon Carbide: Go Beyond Silicon

661 Views June 8, 2017

Among a range of options, Silicon is by far the most widely used semiconductor material with good reason. It is easy to fabricate and provides good general electrical and mechanical properties. Also, it forms high-quality silicon oxide that is used for insulation layers between different active elements of the IC. As a result, Silicon can be used to create …

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by Andrew Roberts


ST Helps Developers Shake Up the IoT Movement

587 Views November 5, 2016

ST is excited to be part of the IoT movement that is impacting existing industries and creating new ones. The Internet and its ecosystem of cloud computing offer many opportunities to build new applications and refresh them over the air. This, in turn, enables new capabilities, services and business models that create more value for consumers and developers.

For ST, …

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by Nathalie Magniez


Smart Industry – The future of manufacturing

645 Views July 8, 2016

When most people think of Industry they probably they imagine a big, noisy place where everything runs at the steady pace dictated by giant machines. Raw materials are transformed into finished goods, unvaryingly and at a predictable rate, while people working there adapt to the processes and needs of the machines. While this is still true in many cases, …

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by Gerard Cronin