Need a Gift? We’re Here to Help!

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Tis the season for “peace on earth and goodwill to man.” And as we approach the end of 2016, we’re also entering the traditional season of gift giving around the world. If you are struggling to find just the right gift for someone, we’re got some suggestions. Naturally, they contain ST technology.

caddieon golf analyzer makes a great gift for the golfer in your life. For the athletes on your list, Smart Things abound. These include XMetrics’ activity tracker for swimmers (blog), the CaddieON® electronic golf-play analyzer for duffers (PR), the BlastMotion Swing analyzer for baseball players (PR), Wilson’s Smart Football for (American) football players (blog), the Volata ebike (blog), and activity monitors from PIQ (blog).Prizm is the gift that knows what you want to hear

Trying to find something for a tinkerer? The STM32 Open Development Environment is an amazing gift. It already offered tons of free software and more than 30 expansion boards to add sensing, power, connectivity, and audio capabilities to the STM32 Nucleo development boards. Now, with the introduction of BlueCoin, SensorTile, and other development boards available and on the way, entrepreneurs just need the ideas; the hardware practically builds itself.

Around the home and in the office, Bixi is a developing product that improves how you interact with everyday electronics. August Smart Locks can keep your home safe (PR). The Prizm Smart Audio device plays music to suit and manage your moods (PR). The Netatmo Weather Station measures indoor comfort by providing vital information, including alerting you when you need to air out your home to bring down its pollution levels (blog). And Lifx can help you manage and light your environment (blog).

For the pet lover, CleverPet helps entertain our 4-legged friends–and it might entertain you, too (blog)!

Finally, a few suggestions for the car-lover in your life. If they own an electric car, you can give them a charge with the ZapCharge Portable, an amazingly compact portable battery charger that uses the latest Silicon Carbide technology (PR). For a teenager just learning to drive–or an adult who needs to get better at it–Automatic Labs’ Smart-Driving Assistant can help drive more safely and economically by improving driving style and removing bad habits (blog).

Of course, you can always get that special someone on your list a car – chances are ST powers that in some way, too. In fact, the average car sold today has more than 25 ST components in it  – and some have several hundred ST parts inside! Or if you weren’t planning on being that generous, perhaps you can give a Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System. Mobileye does supply ADAS to most of the new-car market, and they also offer excellent after-market products (PR, blog).

Happy Holidays!

zaptec car charger is a small, powerful gift