Connected Automoiles 2016, ACI SARA Safe Driving Centre (Lainate, Milan – Italy)

Smart Enabling Technologies for Automated Driving presented at Connected Automobiles 2016 – Milan, Italy

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The 2016 edition of Connected Automobiles took place on October 17-18 in ACI SARA Safe Driving Centre (Lainate, Milan – Italy).ConnectedAutomobiles

The hot topics at this years edition focused on

  •    Open Innovation & Startups
  •    The End-User perspectives
  •    Safety & Autonomated Vehicles
  •    Digital Disruption through Apps and contents delivery

ST’s Dr. Martin DUNCAN presented “Smart Enabling Technologies for Automated Driving” at the event. Martin’s paper illustrated how ST has developed several technologies that will pave the way to autonomous driving. He provided insight into the driving forces behind ADAS and the effectiveness of the related ADAS technologies before going into more detail on the roadmap for sensor introduction. The key position of vision based technologies and the expanding role of V2X were also focused upon, with a final accent on the needs for network security.

If you weren’t able to get to the Connected Automobiles event this year then you can still see the slides presented by Martin here.