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Valencell and ST Listen to Your Heart’s Content With Wearable Biometric Solutions that Change Lives

906 Views October 19, 2016

Tyler Cowen, professor of Economics at George Mason University, argues we are currently experiencing a “Great Stagnation”[1], a time in world history when innovation is no longer earth shattering to the point of changing our lives and transforming our economies. By the end of this piece, you’ll understand why ST and Valencell have just proven …

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by olm_writer


ST Developers Conference 2016 online – for those who couldn’t make it in person

463 Views October 14, 2016

The ST Developers Conference 2016 took place in Santa Clara, California on October 4th with more than 600 attendees. In order to share the proceedings with those that were unable to travel so far or who had conflicting engagements, we have created some dedicated post-event web pages for you.

We have now loaded all the presentations, organised by subject track:

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by Colin Long


Are You Ready for Some (Smart) Football?

348 Views September 8, 2016

Americans are preparing to kick off the 2016 (American) football season tonight. And while they do, the sporting-goods manufacturer Wilson is looking to help bring fans closer to the game than ever before. The brand that has provided the “official” football of the National Football League for 76 years is bringing the adrenaline rush and excitement of a professional football …

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by Michael Markowitz


Providing the building blocks for “Smart Things” for the IoT

320 Views July 6, 2016

The first wave of Internet technology connected people to people and people to organizations via web sites and applications like email. Shortly afterwards, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) phenomena began, quickly opening the potential for billions of “smart things” to communicate with each other using the nearly ubiquitous Internet Protocol technology.

One of the most critical factors which has enabled …

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by Gerard Cronin