STM32-AudioWeaver: Audio Development Tool

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Earlier this year, we introduced ST-AudioWeaver, an advanced and free audio development tool in partnership with DSP Concepts. The incredibly useful ST-AudioWeaver makes audio development even easier on STM32 products and will significantly reduce development time and cost.

ST-AudioWeaver is a Graphical UI tool that helps developers create audio features by dragging and dropping DSP modules and configuring them in a design sheet. You don’t have to know the details of programming a DSP in assembly or “C” code to create compelling audio features.

STM32F4, and STM32F7, and STM32H7 series MCUs offer signal processing capabilities close to what standard DSPs can achieve; and this comes with lower run and stop power consumption and richer connectivity allowing developers to combine audio processing, rich connectivity, and real-time control in a single-chip solution.

The ST-AudioWeaver tool includes over 160 modules that will work for the STM32 ARM Cortex M4 and M7 families of devices. This is a tool that provides a modular approach to enabling a customer to quickly create audio features that can go from prototype to production immediately, saving considerable design time.

A recent discussion and demonstration of the technology with Dr. Paul Beckmann, founder and CEO of DSP Concepts highlights more of the benefits of AudioWeaver technology.

The ST edition of AudioWeaver includes 9 special modules available only for ST customers including voice activity detectors and spatial enhancement. The module set is rich enough for loudspeaker-, headphone-, and microphone processing as well.

Today, out-of-the-box support for AudioWeaver is available on 3 ST development boards: STM32F407, STM32F746 and STM32L496.  This means you will be able to create prototypes immediately with these boards, customizing it for your particular hardware needs.

We can’t make creating audio features much easier than free, out-of-the-box and no embedded code! And we are already seeing the STM32 MCUs and ST-AudioWeaver making their mark on the audio developer community. Are you next?