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ST Developers Conference: New ST Partner Program, Unity Powering Innovation

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ST is launching today a new initiative called ST Partner, and the Developers Conference that will take place in Santa Clara on September 6 will serve as its first public event. For more than a month, the Life.Augmented Blog has shared posts to help attendees prepare for this exciting event. From news about software packs to details about the different sessions, one recurring theme is that augmenting life means going the extra mile, whether it’s offering source code, helping engineers sort through specifications, or just help enthusiasts and professionals understand the intricacies of new fields like V2X communication. This post will serve as the finale of this series that prepared us for the ST Developers Conference 2017 because this Partner Program initiative is the culmination of this culture ST infuses in its products and relationships.

The ST Partner Program is a platform designed to bring companies together to foster cooperation and innovation. In other words, it’s a network created to help them interface with one another and with ST in ways they just couldn’t before. Some of the advantages include a reduction in development costs and faster product creation. At this time, there are already 80 partners in the program, such as IAR Systems, or Valencell, and some of them will have booths and demos at this year’s Developers Conference. They will be displaying a unique ST Authorized Partner Badge so attendees can easily spot them, and companies interested in joining can already submit a request using the instructions given on the program’s website. Applications are currently processed within 30 days.

ST Partner Program: Strength in Numbers


The ST Authorized Partner Badge (click to enlarge)

We sat down with Alessandro Maloberti, Partner Ecosystem Director at ST, who explained that trusting the wrong people can have devastating consequences for a product, design, or firm, and hiring the right experts can sometimes feel like a gamble. Hence, this latest initiative removes uncomfortable uncertainties by vetting partners and only offering a yearly membership. ST is looking primarily for technical expertise and outstanding services that will be an asset to the ecosystem, regardless of the size of the company. As a result, small teams immediately get recognition, and bigger structures have greater assurances.

The technical implications of such a partner program are massive. All of a sudden, engineers looking to build products or solutions using ST components no longer have to hunt in the dark for a third party able to print their boards, recommend software, or design a particular feature. Furthermore, since the initiative is entirely free and there’s no possibility of buying your way into the Partner Program, all members have the added relief of knowing that fellow partners are in the network because ST has recognized their technical contribution. Finally, a yearly membership means the program is constantly up to date to answer any situation that may come up.

ST Partner Program: It’s Who You Know

If Nikola Tesla had had a public relations team, would Edison still be remembered so fondly today? Technical expertise must be enhanced with marketing and business strategies to ensure that it resonates within the industry. Unfortunately, not every company has the resources to convince the world of their prowess. This is why every member that joins the Partner Program will have its own space on the initiative’s website hosted on They will also get to work with ST for the promotion of their services or products through press releases, YouTube videos, or participation at special events, among many other things. Furthermore, all companies participating in the program will also see their message strengthened and will get more exposure to increase their visibility in the media and search engines.

Moving forward, as the ST Community continues to thrive, partners have a chance to make a difference in the lives of engineers or experts that may be struggling or simply have questions, by providing answers, and significant contributions. The ST Partner Program is not a self-congratulatory club, but a meaningful way to make the industry a better place for all by uniting knowledge and experience to better share it with the world. Partners will also receive invitations to online technical training, because it’s not only essential to teach, it is also necessary to learn. Finally, although the Partner Program is vast and comprehensive, it is still in its infancy and members can expect more online coordination with ST over time.

We wish everyone a very happy ST Developers Conference 2017!


The members of the ST Partner Program (click to enlarge)

Preparing for the ST Developers Conference 2017: