ST Helps Developers Shake Up the IoT Movement

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ST is excited to be part of the IoT movement that is impacting existing industries and creating new ones. The Internet and its ecosystem of cloud computing offers many opportunities to build new applications and refresh them over the air. This in turn enables new capabilities, services and business models that create more value for consumers and developers.

For ST, the IoT is a strategic focus in which we are addressing Smart Industry, Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Things. Along with our ecosystem partners we provide all the tools to enable you to design, prototype and produce leading-edge products and solutions.

ST is a market leader in microcontrollers, MEMS sensors & micro-actuators, power supply ICs for AMOLED displays and secure solutions that will enable you to develop amazing Smart Things. We have the products and application know-how to support the transformation to Smart Industry by making manufacturing more efficient, environmentally friendly and flexible, while enabling safer working environments and better man-machine cooperation. Our multi-sensor network connectivity, expertise in digital-security technology, long experience in smart metering solutions and partnership with utilities, service providers, and system integrators are your keys to success in Smart City applications. And we support a wide variety of connectivity standards to support various application needs for the Smart Home.

A deeper look at the building blocks of the IoT Movement
Nodes that stack, process and transmit data to the cloud come in many different form factors. But whatever their shape, size and function, they all share the need for sensors and actuators, micro-controllers (ultra-low power to high-performance), scalable security solutions, short-range and long-range connectivity (from 10cm to 10km), RF signal conditioning and protection (from nano-amps to kilo-amps), and power & energy management ( from nano-Watt to mega-Watt).
ST makes all the building blocks you need and has adapted them to the different requirements of diverse applications. Our ecosystem makes it fast and affordable for you to develop IoT devices.
Our STM32 microcontrollers are at the core of IoT applications and with nine product families and more than 700 part numbers, the STM32 provides developers with the options and flexibility they need. Scalability and longevity also make the STM32 the ideal choice as a broad-based design platform.
We offer a unique full range of sensors – including motion, temperature, pressure, audio, ranging, UVI and other sensing applications – and micro-actuators. Our free and easy-to-use software libraries, such as those for for activity and gesture recognition, as well as an ecosystem of cloud partners make development and integration easy.
Connectivity is crucial to the IoT and we offer different approaches to suit different applications. Our BlueNRG – highly energy-efficient network processor provides Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and we have partnerships for high data rate low-power RF targeting disposable devices. For SubGHz connectivity we have the SPIRIT very low power RF transceivers and for Low Power Wide Area Net-work (LPWAN) connectivity we are partnering with LoRa and SigFox. STARGRID & STCOMET cover all the major power line communications protocols, and we support a wide range of industrial connectivity protocols for factory automation in our solutions.

Connected things require protection, and we have solutions such as STSafe that are adapted to every level of security need. We have a long tradition of system-level security expertise and a strong history of securi-ty with banking, telecommunications and authentication.
We also work with an ecosystem of partners that make IoT connectivity and integration easy. We support the major ecosystems including Arduino and ARM mbed and partner with Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure.

Analog and Power are the key to complete innovative designs and we offer a large range of analog and power solutions for these categories including specialized Op Amps, energy harvesting and wire-less charging solutions.

Ecosystem Partners and an Open Development Environment
Our relationships with other players in the ecosystem enable us to detect the intellectual property we need to develop and to acquire IP through partnerships when necessary. Plus we leverage on the wealth of technical expertise that exists inside ST.
Our technology is the foundation on which you can build your inno-vation. On the analog side we have BCD and VIP for Smart Power, Power MOSFET & IGBT, SiC & GaN and discrete, MEMS, Analog Mixed Signal and Silicon Photonics. On the Digital side we have Specialized Imaging Sensors, FD-SOI, FinFET and CMOS eNVM. Our range of packaging technologies completes the picture.
And we offer evaluation and development tools with hardware and software to make developers’ lives easier. One example is the STM32 Open Development Environment which enables you to innovate and bring products to market faster. We have taken a building block approach based on the STM32 as the processing platform and provide modular expansion possibilities for the other functions with both hardware expansion boards and associated expansion software modules.

And last but not least we have application know-how to help you succeed.

So let your imagination run wild: whatever innovative idea you have in mind, ST can help you shake up the IoT movement.

To learn more about the ST’s offer for IoT, please visit ST’s IoT minisite .