Expanding STM32 Ecosystem Drives IoT Progress

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Speakers, attendees, and ecosystem partners flocked to the summit

Whether by Smart Balance wheel containing several STM32 components, pedaling on a Mobike, which has STM32 embedded in its design, or by more conventional means, speakers, attendees, and ecosystem partners flocked to the STM32 Summit in Shenzhen at the end of April.

The excitement was palpable. Over its first 10 years, the STM32 has grown rapidly to earn its eponymous Summit in China – which launched both this event and the STM32 Summit in Santa Clara last year – through strong product, partnership, and ecosystem development, along with a range of successful promotional activities that emphasized hands-on talent development.

Now, with a burgeoning community platform that brings together and encourages developers, engineers, makers, academics, and students to talk, create, and share STM32 ideas, code, and challenges, the foundation of a strong, vibrant, and enduring STM32 ecosystem is set.

On top of the STM32 Open Development Environment, the STM32 has attracted partners from a variety of vertical industries in China and across the globe. These include iFLYTEK, ClevX, DSP Concepts, Prove & Run, Sigfox, Valencell, Arduino, and others, to offer solutions that accelerate IoT development in areas of Smart Things, Smart Cities, and Smart Industry.

Company: Huawei

Product on display: Huawei LiteOS

What it is: A lightweight open-source IoT OS and a smart hardware development platform that simplifies IoT device development and device connectivity makes services smarter, delivers superb user experience, and provides better data protection

Application areas: Public Utilities, Smart Home, Wearables, and Intelligent Manufacturing applications

Company: DSP Concepts

Product on display: Audio Weaver™ Product Development System

What it is: Allows fast addition of digital audio features to embedded products using a robust and intuitive graphical tool for prototyping, configuration, and tuning.

Application areas: Smart Home, Smart Things

Company: MXCHIP

Product on display: Wi-Fi modules / IoT Operating System (MiCO) / Mobile Application (App) Development / Cloud Support

What it is:

Application area: Smart Appliance, Smart Home, Smart City, Intelligent Agriculture, Intelligent Industry, Intelligent Lighting

Company: ADUPS

Product on display: Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA)

What it is: Cloud-Based Upgrading

Application area: Smart Things, Smart Driving, Smart Industry

Company: NPLink

Product on display: Network Server / Gateway / Smart Mote / Open Source Cloud SDK Development Kit / Open Source Mote SDK Development Kit

What it is: Gateway solutions for IoT applications

Application areas: Smart City, Smart Things