ST25DV: Dual interface NFC tags

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ST recently extended its ST25 product family with the ST25DV: a dynamic-tag IC that is an RFID / NFC tag with both a contactless-RF and an I2C interface. It is unique in combining a Fast Transfer Mode over long distance capability together with the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC).

The ST25DV simultaneously supports the NFC Type 5 and the industrial ISO 15693 RFID specifications. It also has the highest memory density on the market, with 64-bit EEPROM memory combined with a 256 Byte memory buffer and also offers energy harvesting capabilities and a low power mode that makes it suited for zero-power applications. In addition, thanks to multiple 64-bit passwords, it offers enhanced data-protection capabilities. ST25DV RFID NFC Tag

These unique features come together to extend the traditional use cases of RFID. For example, in the supply chain, the long-range capability allows manufacturers to program and customize products wirelessly all along the production line — even after the final products are boxed and ready for shipping. This allows great production flexibility: Manufacturers can personalize lots for different customers in different countries at the last minute.

But it isn’t just valuable to the manufacturer. When the products are in the field, the fast transfer mode allows the customer to easily and conveniently perform application diagnostics. And using the Fast Transfer mode,  a smartphone can become a diagnostic device, communicating directly and in real-time with the embedded MCU. This has the additional benefit of not over-cycling the memory and reducing the product life.

Even better, the Fast Transfer Mode supports firmware updates of products in the field though the NFC interface. See a video of the product in action here.

All this considered, the ST25DV perfectly fits the requirements of Industry 4.0, as it enlarge the horizon of producers and helps them bridge their manufacturing logistics and operations with features and capabilities that open up new and innovative ways to benefit from all the data collected, transferred, and stored at the point of use of the product, while enhancing their customers’ experience.