Wireless Charging Made Easy with the STWLC33

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We have all experienced it – our smartwatch battery runs out but our cell phone is fully charged. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to transfer some power between these devices until you can get home and plug in: on-the-go wireless charging? Well now you can.

The STWLC33 wireless power receiver also adds transmit capabilities to a receiving coil, thereby enabling device-to-device charging.  Our demonstration of the technology during the Applied Power Electronics Conference in Tampa, FL, illustrated a possible use-case by retrofitting a smartphone with the STWLX33 solution.  The smartphone receives a charge from a standard Qi charging pad, and then, the smartphone is able to charge a smartwatch.  Watch the demonstration here:


As you can see, with the small size, a minimal number of external components, and the use of the same coil to receive and transmit power, the STWLC33 greatly simplifies the implementation of Dual Function handheld devices. The receiver coil supports up to 15W of power, according to the WPC Qi Extended Power Profile, while keeping compatibility with the 5W Basic Power Profile.  In transmit mode, it supports up to 3W of power.  All of this results in an improved user experience and gives the user a convenient alternative to charging a device for another when one device is low on power.

The STWLC33 joins our existing Wireless Power Transfer solutions, based on our STWBC Transmitter ICs, supporting single and 3-coil designs and our STWLC Receiver IC, supporting the standard 5W Basic Power Profile and 1W or 2.5W for wearable applications with coils as small as 11mm.

ST is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium and our solutions are certified according to the Qi specification as currently released.