Safety and Wellness Wearable Protects Loved Ones

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Jacqueline Ros and Andrea Perdomo are the mothers of Revolar. They founded the company and developed their wearable safety product from unfortunate experience: the feeling of helplessness that comes from family members finding themselves in unsafe situations and unable to communicate. Safety and Wearable technology

What is Revolar? It is a small wearable that can be worn discreetly on or inside your clothes or clipped to your keys or wallet. Linked to a smartphone-based app that you’ve added as many as five contacts to, Revolar can signal and send GPS coordinates to those contacts to let them know that you’re safe (1 click), worried about your safety (2 clicks), or need help urgently (3 clicks).

Late in their product development, Revolar discovered the value in adding a pedometer function to the product. Their mechanical design and product specifications required a pedometer circuit with a super-small form factor, low power, low cost and proven operability, as their time-to-revenue was tight and they didn’t have time to experiment. Fortunately, ST had an off-the-shelf accelerometer solution that met all of their requirements and, in its Open.MEMS catalog, ST had the libraries and sample code that enabled Revolar to implement the feature quickly and hold all of their deadlines.   

Revolar’s mission is “Safety for All” — and that mission is particularly personal for the company’s founders and their families — and is the inspiration behind Revolar safety and wellness wearables.