Taiwan Hosts Asia’s 1st Sigfox Hackathon

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Taiwan Sigfox HackathonAn exciting enabling technology is expanding the range of applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Sigfox is an ultra-narrowband low power wide area network (LPWAN) capability well suited to applications that send small and infrequent bursts of data, such as highly distributed alarms and meters. In building out a global network to connect billions of nodes, Sigfox has identified Taiwan as a strategic market because of its strong IoT ecosystem, industrial base, and well-educated and tech-savvy society.

In view of this, UnaBiz, the exclusive operator of the Sigfox network in Taiwan, partnered with the government, industrial leaders, and academia to challenge Taiwan’s geeks with UnaHack1, Asia’s first Sigfox Hackathon. The event, which was held earlier this year focused on elderly care and home security.Taiwan Sigfox Hackathon

As a key semiconductor IoT technology provider, ST has been an enthusiastic supporter of this Hackathon and others. In Taiwan, ST contributed to the groundbreaking activity by providing its Sigfox-certified S2-LP RF chips, STM32L053– Nucleo evaluation boards, and leading-edge sensors, which included 6-axis inertial modules (LSM6DSL), ultra-compact high-performance e-compass (LSM303AGR), nano pressure sensor (LPS22HB), and temperature and humidity sensor (HTS221) to help contestants bring their creative ideas to life.

The effort was considerable: Nineteen teams of contestants worked day and night for three days during the Hackathon and presented their efforts to a panel of judges from Taiwan and abroad. The judges evaluated the applications for innovative concepts and holistic execution. In the end, the judges chose an IoT application for motorcycle riders that would automatically send out alerts when emergencies strike for recognition as the best by the judges.

A big success, the competition raised the visibility of Taiwan’s excellent talent pool while providing the contestants with a challenge and opportunity to solve real societal problems with leading-edge technology. At the same time, ST continues to see Hackathons like this as an exciting opportunity to work with existing partners, develop news ones, and expose interested students and makers to its unique strengths. Alone among major semiconductor suppliers, ST can enable innovative applications by leveraging our broad portfolio of products and technologies to make the world better.Taiwan Sigfox Hackathon