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ST Developers Conference: Time-of-Flight Sensors, New Applications with Record-Breaking Components

416 Views August 4, 2017


Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors are often under-appreciated, which is why John Kvam from ST will hold two lectures at the next Developers Conference that will take place in Santa Clara, California, on September 6, to introduce them and explain how to optimize products around them. When people hear “proximity sensor”, they most often think of smartphones, laptops, or automated …

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by olm_writer


ST Powering Big Trends at CES 2017

845 Views January 7, 2017

As the tech masses gathered in Las Vegas this week for the 50th annual CES conference, ST technology was powering some of the hottest trends.

AI & Smart Assistants:  Voice-activated “smart assistants” are everywhere. Just speak and they can help you with almost anything you need to do. These assistants are now in smartphones, home automation devices, and Smart-Home applications …

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by Pamela Mccracken