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Sensor Fusion for Wearables

464 Views September 2, 2016

Wearable applications including activity and fitness trackers, smart gloves, glasses, watches and headphones all use sensors to monitor what’s going on. And when more than one sensing device is used – different combinations of accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and pressure sensors – you have a dump of complex data to wade through, as well as measurement distortions, inaccuracies and possible interference …

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by Gerard Cronin


PIQ Thrives Under Pressure, ST’s LPS25HB Pressure Sensor at the Service of Athletes

1K Views August 24, 2016

The PIQ Sensor

The arrival of wearable technologies has changed the world of sports, and PIQ is one of the founding players of this revolution. The company designed the 13-axis multi-sport PIQ sensor that tracks the movements of players on many sports such as golf, tennis, kiteboarding, or skiing to offer an unprecedented level of data that will enable them to enhance their game. …

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by olm_writer


Getting Ready for a Smart-Bike Upgrade

531 Views August 8, 2016

I bike. Not because it decreases traffic, reduces pollution, and eliminates parking problems, and is therefore easily the most efficient and sustainable means of urban transportation.

Not because governments offer incentives—like the UK “Cycle-to-Work” scheme—that provides tax benefits to people who travel to work by bike. And not because Boston, where I live, is among the dozens of global cities …

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by Michael Markowitz